Neretva Residence, Mall and Hotel

Mixed Project


Intertwined with nature, inside the city

The project takes its name from the Neretva River. Located in Konjic city center. The project is located on the main road of the Sarajevo-Mostar cities, called the existing international European route. This route is connected to Croatia from Sarajevo and from there to the European highway.

Apartment Blocks: 3 pieces
Hotel Building: 1 piece
Shopping Center Building: 1 piece
Open shopping bazzar: 1 piece complex and Other facilities >>

The project mainly consists of 3 residential buildings, 1 hotel building planned as 5 stars and an indoor and outdoor shopping center, movie theaters, entertainment areas, indoor and outdoor cafes and restaurants. The project also includes port areas consisting of 3 platforms extending to the Neretva river.


3 apartment block
5-star hotel
Shops (52 offices) / Shopping Center
Dine (9 Boutique Restaurants)
Cafes (3 riverside cafes)
Cinema (2 movie theaters)
Family Entertainment
Open Arena
Boat Club
Swimming pools (2 pools / mix and women’s swimming pool)
Apartments Apart / Apart Hotels
Health center (male and female separate)
GYM (Sports Centers for men and women separately)
Child care nursery center
Walk way
Bicycle path
Car washing
Pet Hotels
Basketball court
Football field
Tennis court


Neretva Residences, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the canton of Hercegovačko-Neretvanska, is located in Konjic city center. It is almost equal to Sarajevo and Mostar.

There are 3 lakes including Jablaničko, Boračko and Blatačko. Rafting centers are 18 km away.

Around the project, the shopping areas in the city center of Konjic include a market, a full-fledged hospital, primary and secondary schools, high schools, restaurants with local and international cuisines, cafes and bars, and mosques. There are also public transportation and bus services to out of the city, inner city and Europe. There are camping areas inside and outside the city and hotels in almost every concept.

Konjic is the city with the largest municipal land within the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has untouched natural beauty.


Located between the cities of Sarajevo and Mostar, the two important cities of Bosnia, Konjic are at equal distance from both cities.

Outside the bustling atmosphere of the capital, but only 40 minutes away from Sarajevo. A short distance from the historic city of Neum and Mostar, on the way to the Adriatic Sea.

Our project, which mainly has services to the resident population and tourists living in the canton of Sarajevo and the canton-Neretva cantons, has many advantages. According to the 2013 census, the total population of the cantons exceeds 1 million. This constitutes almost one third of the country’s population.

In the region where the income level is higher than the other regions, the activities that will be accessible to people from all walks and which will appeal to all sectors take place in our project.

The location and the natural structure of the city makes it possible to have a continuous traffic.

The location of the attractive facilities for each of the target buyers of our project is ”Buy and Use“, “Buy and Partial Use – Periodic Lease”, in “Buy and Rent with Management Company”.

The stadium and outdoor sports areas right next to our project provide a suitable environment for 12 months sports clubs to camp. We interviewed from Turkey and the European medium and large-scale sports clubs say the plant will be able to choose for themselves as a camping resort complex by the realization of the project.

Konjic, which is one of the few places about river and nature sports, is at the top of the visiting places of tourists and foreign investors.

“On the official list of cultural assets in the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina” Konjic, the historic city with over 30 registered cultural assets, is one of the oldest settlements in the country.

Konjic, a city of lakes, has 3 lakes in the city. These; Jablaničko, Boračko and Blatačko lakes.

The city is also famous for its rivers, wide forests and mountains. Adriatic sea which is only 135km away from Konjic, is a city full of life four seasons with the proximity of the ski resort.

The concentration of real estate investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the city of Sarajevo causes the increase of competition and the cost of land in the city center due to the cost of land.

Konjic is a city with a housing deficit. For this reason, it is aimed to meet the needs of both local buyers and to give investment opportunities for the diaspora due to the above mentioned advantages while looking for investment vehicles in Bosnia. In addition, our project is located in the city of Konjic, with all the natural facilities and facilities designed for this type of buyers in terms of the capital of the Gulf region (Arab leads) which is another target group.


Konjic city is one of the rare cultural cities with a history of more than 4000 years. There are 30 monuments within the list of national monuments in the city.

The historic Konjic Bridge reflects the traditional textured city culture with its old bazaar, riverside businesses and mansions.

Konjic is located on the European road of Sarajevo – Mostar, the most populous city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In terms of location, the distance to these two cities is of equal importance.

Untouched nature, historical texture, warm-blooded people, places of worship and trade to remain on the road for thousands of years has made the city unique. There are many traces of the mixed culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Konjic has an important place in the area of food culture, woodworking and marble processing.


Leasing method:
Project management firm undertakes short or long term leasing management from units within the project.

Maintenance and repair services:
The technical team of the project management firm will provide free service in the scope of the warranty coverage of the units. In other cases, the corresponding services will be provided. Services within this scope; electrical, mechanical, appliance repair, smart home systems, white technics etc.

Hotel services:
The hotel management groups were interviewed for the management services of the 5-star hotel in the project. In this context, after the hotel construction, the management company will provide system installation, operation, personnel management and marketing services.


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